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How to Manufacture

Handcrafted Sterling Silver

Every piece starts off with hand sketches of the blueprint for each piece. We pride ourselves with this because it is a way for us to pick and choose every little element that goes into each piece. The best way to create pieces that fits perfectly for both you and us.Creating the Mold

Using the mold created from the blueprint, our team carefully creates single molds that are then placed through a lost wax process. Each piece is created one by one to ensure no mistakes are made, and the piece’s proportions and fine details are all intact.

Raw Material

We stay true to only using raw materials such as sterling silver and brass to bring our ideas to life. To ensure that we’re providing quality, we specifically chose these materials because of their strength and durability.


With the technique of casting, we fill the wax mold with the melted material of choice, in order to get the custom jewelry piece we envisioned.


After casting, we polish the pieces to remove any scratches, small nicks, and coating from the piece. The process is done to restore the piece’s original shine, in order to make sure every detail is fulfilled

Genuine Gemstones

All of the stones that we acquire are all genuine gemstones that range from semi-precious to precious. We then use the technique of stone setting to secure and attach the precious gemstones into the jewelry.


Before the final polishing, we place the enamel, fine powdered glass particles, to add hints of color to our jewelry. Enamel is used to fill, decorate, and add color to intricate pieces of metal.

A Unique Piece For You

Finally, the piece goes through the final inspection process, and is displayed and shot for photos, so we can share our final creations with you.